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Chicago - "Make Me Smile" - Live 1970 (Terry Kath's Amazing Guitar Solo)

The stories behind Chicago’s vaunted appearance at Tanglewood is almost (but not quite) as fascinating as the performance itself. The original headliner for this date of the late Bill Graham’s Fillmore At Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts was purportedly Joe Cocker, but neither he nor alternate choice Jimi Hendrix was unable to make the date. Now, it’s not a given the latter’s refusal of the booking led to Chicago’s, but it is known the guitar icon admired the guitar work of the late Terry Kath

Spurred on by Kath (who would die in 1978 in a tragic firearms accident), Chicago was equally tight and versatile as they traversed material from their debut album, Chicago Transit Authority, as well as Chicago II. And while “Make Me Smile” and “Colour My World” had not yet fully catapulted the band into the mainstream, the group’s dawning realization of their combined power and its effect on the attendees only added atmosphere to the event.


Children play in the park, they don't know

I'm alone in the dark, even though

Time and time again I see your face smiling inside

I'm so happy (oh, oh)

That you love me (oh, oh)

Life is lovely (woah)

When you're near me

Tell me you will stay

Make me smile

Living life is just a game so they say

All the games we used to play fade away

We may now enjoy the dreams we shared so long ago

Oh my darling

Got to have you

Feel the magic

When I hold you

Cry sweet tears of joy

Touch the sky

Now I need you (oh, yeah)

More than ever (oh, yeah)

No more crying (ohh, ohh)

We're together

Tell me you will stay

Make me smile

Songwriters: James Carter Pankow

Make Me Smile lyrics © Spirit Music Group, BMG Rights Management


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