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Bob Seger - Beautiful Loser

"Beautiful Loser" is a song written and recorded by American rock artist Bob Seger. It was the title track on his 1975 studio album Beautiful Loser. The single just missed inclusion on the US Top 100, but became more widely known when it was included on Seger's breakout album, 'Live' Bullet (1976), where it was paired with "Travelin' Man".

The song is about people who set their goals so low that they never achieve anything. Seger got the idea for the song from Beautiful Losers, a novel written by Leonard Cohen. Contrary to what many believed, the song is not about Seger himself. It took over a year to finish the song, and Seger wrote three or four versions of the song before settling on one that worked.

Beautiful Loser (Live In Detroit/1975) · Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band 'Live' Bullet

Beautiful Loser is the eighth studio album by American rock artist Bob Seger, released in 1975 (see 1975 in music). This album marked Seger's return to Capitol Records after a four-year split. His previous record with Capitol was Brand New Morning in 1971.

The album relied mostly on session musicians from the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, but the Silver Bullet Band members were used separately on some songs and together on "Nutbush City Limits," a cover song of the hit by Ike & Tina Turner.


He wants to dream like a young man

With the wisdom of an old man

He wants his home and security

He wants to live like a sailor at sea

Beautiful loser

Where you gonna fall?

When you realize, you just can't have it all

He's your oldest and your best friend

If you need him, he'll be there again

He's always willing to be second-best

A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

Beautiful loser

Read it on the wall

And realize

You just can't have it all

You just can't have it all

You just can't have it all

Ohh, ohh, can't have it all

You can try, you can try, but you can't have it all

oh yeah

He'll never make any enemies, enemies, no

He won't complain if he's caught in a freeze

He'll always ask, he'll always say please

Beautiful loser

Never take it all

'Cause it's easier

And faster when you fall

You just don't need it all

You just don't need it all

You just don't need it all

Just don't need it all


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